The Falcon and the Winter Soldier- First Episode Review

Naeelah Desanges, Assistant Entertainment Editor

It’s official! Our favorite unlikely duo is back on our screens with even more action, comedy, and character development. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the second Marvel Cinematic Universe show to drop on Disney+ on Friday, March 19th.

Unlike WandaVision, this series felt like a mini marvel movie from the opening fight scene, where Sam Willson, aka Falcon, was able to show off his immense flying talents and precision. We also learn more about his family roots as we meet his sister and nephews in this episode as well. The last time we saw Falcon was at the end of Avengers: Endgame where Captain America passes the mantle and shield to him. Intrusting Sam to continue the fight he was no longer able to. We saw how hesitant he was to hold such a big responsibility, and it wasn’t too surprising to see him donate the shield to the Smithsonian’s exhibit honoring Captain America, but we know now that that will not be the last time see the iconic shield, as symbols seem to be a big theme in this series.

On to the second half of this duo, James “Bucky” Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier. The last time Bucky was seen in the MCU was with Sam when Captain America entrusted the shield to him. Bucky had to say goodbye to his oldest friend and ally and start to find himself as a person again. In the series, we learn that he is now attending therapy which was a part of his pardon. During Bucky’s troubling past, he was forced to do terrible things through mind control from Hydra. Now that Hydra is no longer an organization, Bucky is finally free and he must go through the list of amends and right some of his wrongs.

The overall villains of the show are only teased a small amount in comparison to the character development both Sam and Bucky received. So far we know that the anarchist group “Flag- Smashers” favored the world during the time in between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame where half the population of Earth vanished for five years. Otherwise known as “the Blip.” Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson were also a part of the “blipped.” Now that the individuals have returned, the group feels that the world is msseparated and wants to return to living in a “world without borders.”

The first episode of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier was jammed packed with information and funny moments surrounding our favorite MCU duo. Even though they shared no scenes, we learned more about each of them as individuals, which gives both Sam and Bucky even more substance as stand-alone characters apart from being close friends to Captain America. As the Falcon and the Winter Soldier try to figure out their place in the world, these next few episodes are sure to be the highlight of Fridays for weeks to come.