Fashion Show

Isabelle Desanges, reporter

Tina Baptista, Phyllis Clinton, Seema Alarachi, and Sabrina Carmona  showcase decades of fashion. The students show off their fashion style decade. Seema Alarachi and Sabrina Carmona are some of the people that were in charge of running the event for their senior project. What made them want to bring the fashion show to life this year was they were inspired last year and they wanted to recreate it. She stated that “ After being in the show last year as models, we were truly inspired and wanted to showcase another amazing show to represent diversity within our school once more. We thought what better way to do that then make it our senior project to show how passionate we are about advocating for our rights.” With the help of their mentor William Lopera. They were able to bring these styles back to life. They also talk about how the stylish people that were on stage got there. “ In November we held a meeting introducing the show to people and held practice a few weeks later. After about 3 weeks and three practices the people who came to practice stayed in the show.” North Providence highschool student that participated in the fashion show Samantha Marciano share why she wanted to join the fashion show. She stated that “As someone who was in the audience of last year’s fashion show , I became very excited about the next fashion show because I was eager to be a part of it.” Another student Matthew Zapata shares how he saw the atmosphere of the fashion show.“The environment for the fashion show over all is an overwhelming amount of support. There are moments of anxiety because such a big project requires everyone to be in it 100%, but at the end of the day it’s a good environment, everyone radiates confidence and we all help each other succeed and gain that sense of self appreciation”.