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Teachers Go Virtual

Teachers Go Virtual

March 31, 2020

New Dean of Students at NPHS

March 10, 2020

As many of you may know, we have a new dean of students here at North Providence High School. His name is Mr. Macsoud, and this past week I interviewed him to get a better understanding of his opinions of our school and what it’s...

A Safe-Haven for the Masses: An Editorial

Aidan Iacobucci, News Editor

February 2, 2020

Perhaps the most important determining factor of student success, is the environment in which they perform their studies.  Many reports have shown that students, and people in general, that have access to a quiet space with adequate...

Nonviolence at NPH

Sam Loranger, Author

December 2, 2019

First introduced to NPHS by Mr. Jason Ryan and Mrs. Aimee Ryan, Kingian Nonviolence is a brand new course offered at our school that covers conflict resolution, de-escalation of external conflicts, and a wide variety of Dr. King's teachings and philosophies.

Karaoke Fundraiser

Karaoke Fundraiser

November 24, 2014