NPHS Drama’s ‘The Wedding Singer’ Canceled

Seniors involved with NPHS Drama speak out about the cancellation of their final show.


Artwork done by cast member Erin McKeen

Samuel Loranger, Journalist

With the current state of things in the world, North Providence High School Drama Director Mrs. Melissa Thomas, was forced to make a tough decision. Despite all of the hours of hard work the cast, crew, and pit band put into the making of the production, the Spring musical, The Wedding Singer, had to be canceled.

Director, Mrs. Melissa Thomas, said in a statement to The Cougar Courier, “This show has been amazing to direct on all sides of the stage! From the stunningly talented cast to the incredible crew and student pit band, we were preparing a show for the ages! This show is funny, sweet, edgy, and so much fun! Who doesn’t love the 80’s? There were about 100 students involved, and I am incredibly sad that we won’t be sharing it with the world.”

While the whole cast was devastated to hear the news that the show would be canceled, no one took it harder than those a part of the graduating class of 2020.

“In regards to the closure of school and the show, I feel like this is a harsh and unfortunate reminder of the severity of Covid-19. Life is strange right now, unprecedentedly strange, but as artists and as students we should use the opportunity we have right now to create something better than what we were expecting this year to be,” said senior Erin McKeen.

Erin created the featured artwork for The Wedding Singer and many others from past seasons. She also was cast as ‘Julia’ in this musical production.

Senior Josh Masood, who was going to play ‘Sammy,’ said the following: “As a senior, it’s all very heartbreaking, but the best we can do is hold onto the memories as best as we can.”

With the last quarter of this school year being completely ‘virtual,’ Director Mrs. Thomas has been working hard to find new ways to present pieces of the show that would have opened April 30th. 

We have a few great surprises planned to commemorate the experience this show gave all of us, but for now, stay tuned! We are going to miss our seniors, but we know that they are moving on to great opportunities. We wish them all love and blessings on their new adventures. It’s just an intermission. Act II will begin shortly! We will emerge on the other side stronger than ever!” said Mrs. Thomas.

“It’s my last show with NPHS drama so clearly this is a disappointment. I feel like this was supposed to be the best part of high school and now it’s not here anymore and I wish I was reviewing footage from psych circle or washing my stage costume right now, instead of being stuck at my house,“ said Jalen Thorp, a senior at NPH who was working on her second documentary covering the NPHS Spring Drama Production.

Senior Molly Kate Donnelly, who was going to play ‘Holly’ in The Wedding Singer said “I grew up in theater and it’s always been a big part of my life, but I’ve never experienced something like this. I really loved this show and the character I played so hearing we wouldn’t be able to perform it was really heartbreaking, especially being a senior. Just like everything else being thrown at the class of 2020 right now it just doesn’t feel real. I’m just numb, and words can’t describe how it feels. We’re some of the first people to feel it. I really wish we could perform this show for an audience because there was so much work already put into this show, even 2 months before the show would open. The spring musical isn’t just a loss for the drama members, but the community. The spring musical brings so many people together that losing this event devastates so many people, especially those who have already put so much into it. I really just wish it didn’t have to end like this.”