New Dean of Students at NPHS

As many of you may know, we have a new dean of students here at North Providence High School. His name is Mr. Macsoud, and this past week I interviewed him to get a better understanding of his opinions of our school and what it’s like compared to where he previously worked. Before working here, Mr. Macsoud worked as the Principal at Lincoln Middle School until he retired in 2010. He also worked in Calcutt Middle School in Central Falls.

When asked about his opinions of NPHS in particular, his opinion was mostly positive. He says that things have been good here, and for the most part the kids here are wonderful, apart from those who he has to reprimand as dean of students. He believes that NPHS is an amiable school, and for the most part everyone here is respectful. Despite how much he likes working here, it is only temporary. He stated that he is only here until the middle of March. That being said, the impressions garnered from being part of the community at NPHS, will be memorable for the rest of his administrative career.