A Safe-Haven for the Masses: An Editorial

Aidan Iacobucci, News Editor

Perhaps the most important determining factor of student success, is the environment in which they perform their studies.  Many reports have shown that students, and people in general, that have access to a quiet space with adequate materials perform better at school and work. The fact of the matter is, however, not every student has access to these ideal conditions. In previous school years at North Providence High School, students would take advantage of the school library being open at 7:20 A.M. (15 minutes prior to the start of the school day) During this time, students would typically print out papers or other assignments that they couldn’t at home. Essentially, it provided a valuable resource for many people.

This year is different. The librarian no longer opens her door 15 minutes before the bell and students are no longer afforded the opportunity to perform basic school functions. This has proven to be major inconvenience for many students who simply do not have convenient access to printers. Student Amna Khan states “I often relied on printing my projects and other materials before school at the library. Now, my Dad had to buy a printer so that I am able to print out my work.” The library simply not being open has had an adverse effect on a significant portion of the student body. When approached about the issue by many concerned students, Principal Magill states that “It is not required by contract for her to open that door until 7:35 A.M.”

But this gives rise to questions: Shouldn’t the livelihood of the student be put on a higher pedestal than a mere 15 minute delay? Is our mission statement not all about providing a nurturing environment that shapes students with potential into the leaders of tomorrow?