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NPHS Drama Presents “A Night of Dramedy”

Shannon Donnelly

March 4, 2017

Members of NPHS Drama are taking on quite the challenge this semester- performing two completely different shows in one night. "A Night of Dramedy" will feature two one-act plays tied together by the common theme of teenage identity. "Selfie"...

A Guidance Councilor’s Guide to Choosing Classes

Aisha Siddiqui, Features Editor

February 10, 2017

As students start to pick classes for the upcoming year, Mr. Paone offered some advice to the students of NPHS. Guidance councilors will come into classes this week to start scheduling. A couple new classes are being offered such...

Donate Items to the Art Department

Jalen Thorp, Reporter

January 30, 2017

Ms. Lucciola needs donated items for an art project. If you are interested in donating drop the supplies off at room 217. She needs the following items: Old flatware or kitchen utensils Nuts and bolts Screws Old broken tools Springs Door...

Reasons Why 2016 Was Not So Bad

Katie Henry, Reporter

January 30, 2017

Most of us can agree that 2016 has been a depressing, messed up year. Sure, lots of bad things happened in 2016; We lost countless iconic celebrities, clowns terrorized people around the world, and the presidential election l...

Math Team Meet During Exam Week

Jacob Jorgensen, Entertainment Editor

January 30, 2017

During the stressful exam week of North Providence High School, there usually is not a lot happening other than students studying.  However, the Math Team had a meet on Wednesday, January 25th at Bay View Academy. With a whopping...

New Year, New Teachers

New Year, New Teachers

December 5, 2016