The Fall of Movie Theaters

Since the beginning of the pandemic, movie studios have taken advantage of everyone being at home by releasing first run films on streaming services. But, what is the benefit of this? 

During lockdown, many of us had plenty of time to kill, which led to a double in the time spent on subscription streaming services in April 2020. Film studios have seen this as an opportunity and released their films on these streaming services before releasing anywhere else. For the average customer, watching new movies from the comfort of your living room without having to pay for $30 popcorn and listening to children crying seems like the ideal situation. And with everyone stuck at home, it was a perfect chance for these film studios and streaming services to make immense amounts of money. Simultaneously, theaters are rapidly losing business and many are shutting down. But, are people going to miss the weekend trips to the theaters to watch the newest film before all of your friends? Here’s what a few student think:

Jaylene Martinez, Sophomore, says:

I miss going to the movies to see a film because I miss the overall experience! It’s not the same as streaming something. You get the experience of meeting up with friends, the smell of popcorn, having to annoyingly squeeze past people to use the restroom. I miss the quality bonding time made in theaters, even though you’re just next to a friend, family member, or whoever… movie nights are always the nights you remember.”

Similarly, Samantha Anderson mentions

I miss going because it was an experience. Especially with the movie being so big and everything else being dark and buying popcorn and drinks. Also, I just snuck in so I never payed for tickets and it wasn’t expensive for me.”

On the other hand, Sophomore Kiera Buttimer thinks:

I don’t miss the movie theaters. It was always too cold, the seats are uncomfortable, the food is entirely too expensive, and you have to be quiet the entire time. I like watching movies from the comfort of my couch with the reactions of my rowdy friends!”