Diversity Fashion Show


Diversity Fashion Show social media flyer.

Triniti Brown, Reporter

Are you interested in fashion, art, or just need something to do after school? Well, I’m excited to share that seniors Juliana Lopes, Janny Monteiro, and Idalina DaSilva are running a Diversity Fashion Show here at NPHS! 

The first informational meeting will take place Wednesday, November 3, 2021, in room 228. In this meeting, the show directors will gather a general overview of the students participating and what days work for them. From there, they will decide which days rehearsals and production will take place. Rehearsals are anticipated to take place in the auditorium for approximately one and a half hours. 

This fashion show represents “CHANGE” to the directors. From the moment the three students stepped into NPHS to now, they were able to pinpoint a huge shift in its dynamic. Lopes stated, “Before the pandemic, the school was not at its full potential. We felt as though not everyone’s voice was being heard, including ours.”

Monteiro, DaSilva, and Lopes conceptualized this idea back in their sophomore year, but the idea was quickly put to a halt when COVID-19 began. According to director Janny Monteiro, “As we each individually began to think about what our senior project should be, Idalina brought up the fashion show. Immediately after that, we started discussing the possibilities and how much of an impact this fashion show could make. We all jumped at the chance to bring change and positivity to this community. We strongly believe that people, no matter their unique differences, should be celebrated, represented, and heard.” This production is a great opportunity to showcase who you are. Students will be able to educate not only themselves about different cultures but their peers as well. 

There are many opportunities to be a part of this project based on varying interests and capabilities. What makes you unique? Whether it be culture, gender, sexuality, or background, the directors expect the models to bring forth confidence and diligence, while showcasing what makes you, YOU. Additionally, artists should be able to freely showcase their creativity and ideas to better the production as a whole. Lastly, the production staff will be playing various roles and should be able to help delegate and assist with running the fashion show. This includes helping models change sets backstage, controlling lighting, coordinating sets, and more. Overall, the directors expect everyone to be committed, cooperative, respectful, open-minded, and willing to have fun!

Monteiro, DaSilva, and Lopes offer closing remarks: “We just want to say thank you to the people who are giving us a platform to do this. We are so excited and passionate about this project and cannot wait to show our school community our ideas!”

Even if modeling, art, or production is not for you, you can still show your support by coming to NPHS’s first-ever Diversity Fashion Show on March 31, 2022!