North Providence Teacher Retiring


Nicholas Barbosa

Those of you who are Sophomores or Juniors likely know our beloved English teacher and former Senior Project Coordinator, Mrs. Madonna Thompson. Mrs. Thompson loves being a teacher, however, she has made the decision to retire and step into a new chapter.

Mrs. Thompson always came to school with a smile and a positive attitude, I was lucky enough to have Mrs. Thompson for my Sophomore and Junior years.  Mrs. Thompson worked hard and never gave up on her students and put very great effort into her assignments and her career.

Ms Thompson and her partner and best friend Ms. Cellucci took on the challenge and hard work of being in charge of Senior Project, needed to receive a diploma from North Providence High School. She was a Senior Skills teacher and served as a Senior Project Coordinator as well.

I asked Mrs. Thompson what she plans to do in retirement.  She said, “I plan on spending a lot of time with my six grandchildren.  One of my grandchildren is in South Carolina so for my first year of retirement I hope to spend a lot of time there.  Next year I will figure out what my next ‘gig’ is!”

I asked Mrs. Thompson how she feels about leaving this school and her friends.  She said, “North Providence High School has been my family for 17 years.  We are a very close group and have all been through so much together.  I will miss seeing my friends on a daily basis.”