New Snapchat AI – Is It Cool or Creepy?

New Snapchat AI - Is It Cool or Creepy?

Kaedyn Minta-Jacobs, Reporter

If you own Snapchat, you’ve probably already received the new update-your very own AI. The popularity of AI has rapidly increased within the past few months. The AI allows you to speak to an AI, ask questions, and get advice within seconds, as this AI can tell you almost anything you need to know. Some fear, however, that the AI has access to too much information, including your location, even if you have a setting on Snapchat or the device you are using which is meant to block your location from being shared. Thousands of people have been raving on social media about how and why the AI has access to such information. Some believe Snapchat added the feature to gain personal information from their users. Users can also send a “Snap” or picture to their AI, which they can analyze and respond to. Below are some examples of Snapchat AI.

AI, however, has started an entirely new issue. Students can gain information about any school-related topic by simply opening their phones and asking their AI to do it. Scholarship applications, essays, exams, etc., can all be generated within seconds-faster than ChatGPT can generate.

Most users believe that Snapchat added this feature to give teenagers and young adults a person to talk to, as the chatbot can provide users with phone numbers of important hotlines like suicide or domestic violence and offer them advice as the chatbots also have a memory of things like your name and age.

However, most agree that the chatbot may be slightly too helpful, as it concerns most that teenagers would rather talk to an AI or fake person than a real one. But, no matter your opinion, we can most expect that the ideology of AI and chatbots will only grow as technology does, but the question of “How much will they grow?” matters.