New Chess Club at NPHS

Andrew Mendes

Recently chess has taken over high schools across America and North Providence High School is no exception. We can see this in class with students playing Chess on their Chromebooks and discussing the game with their friends. In order to nurture this hobby the Chess Club has been created. This club was established by students Seth Pimentel and William Francis with guidance from Ms. Howard.  If you have an interest in Chess but have not played have no fear. The chess club is open to anyone and you will quickly pick up on the strategies of the game. The chess club specializes in teaching students strategies and lets them practice among their peers.  This club is perfect for someone who is learning the environment is easygoing and puts no pressure on those learning how to play. This club is also perfect for those looking to make friends who also have an interest in chess.  The Club meets on Tuesdays after school in room 202. These meetings consist of lessons on the game to grow skills as well as matches against others.