Antman and the Wasp Quantumania thoughts ( spoilers)


Summoning all Ant-Man fans! Recently Marvel studios released a new film (February 17, 2023) starring Ant-man himself, The wasp as well as the older generation and Scott Langs daughter Cassie. Based off our own expectations as well as other Ant man fans I can say most of us expected Scott to die in this film if not him then another character. Without saying too much we can assure you the movie was not what we thought it would be, based of our honest opinion it wasn’t as exciting and as much as we were hoping for. Ant man has always been a comedic character and for this film it was although some commenters say it would have been better to include a fan favorite character “Luis” as he was known to be a upbeat friend of Scott. Overall the movie was enjoyable but that’s about it, many can agree that they got bored at some parts of the film. However I’m sure we all enjoyed seeing our favorite characters back in action as well as a new addition to the team!