Valentine’s Day for Singles

Andrew Grinnell

For some, Valentine’s Day is a special event to commemorate your love for another person. For many, the holiday serves as a harsh reminder that you are another year alone. If that sounds familiar to you, fear not — the Cougar Courier is here to give you some alternatives to the sad, chocolate-eating norm.

Our first option is simple but proven. Hang out with friends. If you’re trying to avoid the feeling of loneliness on this loving day, be with the people that appreciate you. Go out to a movie, go to a restaurant, or maybe even just stay inside and play video games together. Allowing yourself to talk to others and get your mind off things for a while is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Next up would be to enjoy mother nature. Put the phone down, get outside, and just take a walk. It is medically proven that walking boosts your mood, so try it out. You’ll get some fresh air and some inner peace for a while. Maybe even stop by the millionth Dunkin Donuts on Mineral Spring. Get out there.

And to wrap our single’s guide to Valentine’s Day, I offer a replacement to the typical physical significant other. Take to the internet. If you cannot find yourself a person to love in real life, what’s the harm in finding one virtually. At least there you can pretend that you are not lonely and that you actually deny other’s Valentine’s Day requests. You have to find your wins where you can get them.