Class of 2023 Senior Superlative Winners!


Jeevika Thazhaiselvam, Managing Editor

Many weeks ago, the North Providence High School seniors voted their peers for the senior superlatives. The long wait is now over as the winners were announced during the Winter Ball. To look back and remember these names in the years to come, here’s to the senior superlative winners of the class of 2023!


Best Friends 

Isseu Ba & Seema Alarachi 

Seema Alarachi & Isseu Ba 


Best Friends

Santino Autiello & Miguel Santana

Miguel Santana & Santino Autiello 


Class Sweethearts 

Katelyn Sherry & Nicandro Pistacchio

Nicandro Pistacchio & Katelyn Sherry 


Most Changed in Four Years 

Christine Pietkiewicz 

Denzel Allotey


Most Likely to Be Late to Graduation 

Alejandra Vaca 

David Sullivan 


Most Likely to Return to NPHS as a Teacher

Julianna Rodrigues 

Conner Malone 


Most Likely to Be Famous 

Athena Andrade 

Matthew Zapata 


Class Comedian 

Lauren Onye 

Yilmaz Kasapoglu 


Most Likely to Succeed 

Jeevika Thazhaiselvam 

Nicolas Upegui 


Ideal Senior 

Michaela Rizzo 

Nicolas Upegui 


Most Outgoing 

Isseu Ba 

Isaac Upegui


Class Flirt 

Adrianna Walton 

Christian Hazard 


Most Artistic 

Samantha Marciano 

Jason Gonzalez 


Most Athletic 

Michaela Rizzo 

Alexander Carvalho 


Best Eyes 

Milana Bevilacqua 

Matthew Previte 


Best Hair 

Graycen Pappas

Santino Autiello 


Best Smile

Farah Awad

Damari Gray


Best Laugh

Catherine Cooper

Miguel Santana 


Best Dressed 

Zhana Chan 

Lorenzo Cardillo 


Congratulations to all the winners!