Success of the 2022-23 Math Club Food Drive!


Math Club Members Making the Food Drive Baskets!

Jeevika Thazhaiselvam, Managing Editor

Since 2012, the NPHS Math club has been organizing the annual Thanksgiving food drive in hopes of giving back to our community. Each week, a different theme (ex: cylinders) is announced and students donate non-perishable food items accordingly. As always, the NPHS students have shown their spirit of giving and made this year’s food drive a success!

The collected goods, along with some knitted caps were put together into fifteen huge baskets. On top of that, Ms. Volpe and her criminal justice classes donated Dave’s gift cards to be included in the baskets. Their overwhelming contributions have made this year’s food drive a bigger success. This week, the baskets will be given to North Providence families in need. The remaining cans and goods will be donated to the Moms of Marieville.

There’s nothing better than helping our community in this season of gratitude. On behalf of NPHS, the Cougar Courier would like to thank everyone that supported!