Guest Speaker at NPHS

Kaedyn Mintajacobs

This most recent Wednesday, November 16, 2022, students enrolled in AP European History attended the library to listen to a speaker from the Sandra Bornstein Holocaust Education Center. The speaker told the story of her family who survived the Holocaust, as they all were imprisoned in Auschwitz for being Jewish. Heartbroken from the speaker’s gruesome stories, the students sat silently, surprised by her words. NPHS felt it was necessary to explain the horrors of the Holocaust, as we can begin to see history repeating itself, between recent hatred of people of color, Jewish people, LGBTQ+, etc. NPHS and the SBEC want to show students that hate against any specific group will not be tolerated or accepted. Hate, especially anti-semitic behavior, has most recently been spread by those who hold high respect in today’s society, including celebrities and politicians. We ask you to spread kindness and love instead of hate and negativity.