Taylor Swift Merch Drop: The Lover House


Yvie Bolduc, Reporter

For those unfamiliar with the Lover House, it’s a house with different colored rooms, each depicting a different one of Taylor’s albums. The house’s colors first appeared in the Lover music video, hence the name, with fan theories matching the various albums. Taylor did a huge merch drop this past week featuring the Lover House. On her website, you see the house with it separated into her different eras and the options to see merch for each. Some of the things included in the drop were Christmas ornaments, notebooks, posters, clothes, jewelry, and more. The prices vary depending on what item you’re looking at. The coveted Folklore cardigan was there, but it sold out only a few minutes after the drop. The same goes for the Reputation jacket and the snake ring. However, there is still a large selection of merch to choose from. The merch came out at the right time to match up with the Eras Tour announcement and be in time for the holiday season. If there’s a certain thing you have your eye on but can’t afford yourself, maybe ask for it for Christmas or, for those with winter birthdays, as a birthday gift.