Taylor Swift Eras Tour: What You Need To Know


Yvie Bolduc, Reporter

Taylor Swift announced her Eras Tour on November 1st, sending Swifties and the media into a frenzy. It’s been 5 years since her last tour, because of the cancellation of LoverFest, due to Covid-19. Since her Reputation Tour, she’s released 4 albums. Rather than attempting to combine Lover, Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights, which all have very different vibes, into one tour, she instead opted to do a tour that vists all of her music eras. She announced the dates and venues that she will perform at, the closest to us being Gillette Stadium. The concerts at Gillette are on Friday, May 19th; Saturday, May 20th; and Sunday, May 21st, all at 6:30pm. Ticket prices range from $49 to $449, with VIP packages priced anywhere from $199 to $899.

Fans rushed to Ticketmaster to apply for access to the presale tickets, which went on sale Tuesday, November 13th. Frustratingly, so many people tried to get tickets, causing the site to crash and costing some their chances of getting a ticket. However, if you lost out on the presale, or weren’t accepted in the first place, don’t worry. General tickets are being sold this Friday, November 17th, at 10:00am. If you are someone who wants to snag a ticket, the queues open half an hour before the sale at 9:30am. You’ll first be placed in a waiting room, then in the queue where you work your way up, and then hopefully, get a chance to get a ticket. Once you’re in the queue, DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE. Ticketmaster will/should? Refresh on its own. If you refresh the page, you’ll likely get placed at the very back of the line, which is the opposite of what anyone trying to get tickets to want. For those of you who plan on trying to get tickets, I wish you luck, and to those who got tickets, I hope you enjoy the concert.