Post Covid: The Unaffected High School Generation


Mendy Chen, Reporter

Covid has affected everybody in all sorts of ways. It’s a monster that all people are running away from. It had the power to close down schools and put us into a global pandemic! It significantly affected the class of 2026. We experience not even a full year of a regular middle school. We got that stripped away from us. I’m speaking on behalf of the class of 2026.

We were once in 6th grade, almost the end of the school day when we got the notice that school would be virtual for a week. That week turned into multiple weeks and soon months. We never fully got closure to 6th grade; soon, 7th grade started. You were either learning in a school where you can’t see anybody’s lower half of their face or learning through a computer screen. Soon, 8th grade started. Things have gotten better where masks were optional now. However, many events and activities were still kept away from us. The Washington D.C. trip and the New York trip were all taken away from us. I don’t know about you, but I was looking forward to those experiences. So yes, we got our middle school taken away from us. We didn’t experience that awkward, fun middle school experience or experience how everybody went through different fashion phases. We couldn’t experience being a child one last time. Now, the class of 2026 was thrown into high school in a rush, where everything became more serious. You only have a few field trips and courses with your friends. Suddenly, your grades become more serious, and you must balance all your extracurriculars. I feel like I missed a crucial part of my childhood that I can’t take back.