Changes Coming to the NPHS Library!


Darrien Giuliano, Features Editor

Any student that has recently visited the school’s library will have noticed some very drastic changes to its appearance. The library’s bare wooden tables and chairs have been swapped out with coffee shop-Esque furniture, high-top tables, and high-back booths. This is only the beginning of changes to come to the library; plans for renovations have been split into three phases.
With the first phase complete, the library’s second phase is currently in the works. It will consist of removing and possibly donating the remaining wooden tables in order to provide more flexible seating. This phase will hopefully be done by February 2023.
The final phase will potentially take place next school year with hopes of fully making the library into a collaborative and moveable media center. With the flexible seating, the library will have five moveable spaces for classes. There are also plans to possibly allow teachers to reserve a library space for their classes online.
These changes to the library would not be possible without the input of our current seniors and our seniors of last year. The school has focused its changes around student input, trying to make a space that students can appreciate and use. Even the school improvement team was able to speak to those in charge of the changes about what they’d like to see!