Taylor Swift’s Midnights: A Look Ahead


Drawing of Taylor Swift at the VMAs

Yvie Bolduc, Reporter

This Friday, October 21st, Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, Midnights, will be released. It has been almost two years since her last new album, Evermore, and just under a year since Red (Taylor’s Version) dropped. It has been even longer since a traditional album release. Although, I’m not sure anyone would describe the lead-up to Midnights’ release as “traditional.”
As any Swiftie would know, there has been much anticipation and excitement surrounding Midnights and its release, further fueled by Taylor’s sporadic Midnights Mayhem with Me postings, each revealing a different track title. On October 7th, the last five tracks were announced, revealing that track 4, Snow on the Beach, is a collab with Lana Del Rey. About track 3, Anti-Hero, Taylor said that it’s one of her favorite songs she’s ever written and that she’s never gone that far into her insecurities. In track 4’s video, she revealed that she is a huge fan of Lana Del Rey and that Snow on the Beach is about the feeling of falling in love with someone as they fall in love with you.
Fans have also been speculating about what the vibe of Midnights will be like, with her last two new albums falling into the alternative genre. According to Apple Music, Midnights will be a pop album. Other pop albums in Taylor’s discography include 1989 and Lover. People have had various ideas of what they think the album will sound like. Some believe it will be upbeat because it is a pop album like 1989 and Lover. Others think it will be dreamy because the title is Midnights, and a handful of people think the album will be an emotional roller coaster based on the track titles and Taylor’s anecdotes. This past Monday, October 18th, Taylor posted a video of a planner on Instagram. On the planner, she had different events relating to Midnights. We will be getting a music video for Anti-Hero, just 8 hours after the album drops. She also says there will be a “special, very chaotic surprise” after the album drops. Make sure to stay tuned in to keep up to date on any Swiftie news, and make sure to stream Midnights this Friday on Spotify, Apple Music, or whatever platform you listen to music on. We’ll have a review of the album coming shortly after its release.