First Season of the New NPHS Girls Volleyball Team

Belle Desanges, Reporter

There are so many sports at North Providence High School. I was honored to interview some people on the new girls’ volleyball team. Volleyball has been a highly anticipated sport for years at our high school. So let’s look at what some team members have to say about it. Lauren Onye is on the varsity team. Her position in the sport is front row and middle back row. In a recent interview, she explained how she had never played volleyball before. She also talked about how she was very excited because it has always been a sport she was interested in. “So I’m happy to finally be able to take it seriously rather than just playing in gym class.” She also sees herself pursuing the sport. She also talks about the environment of the NPHS Volleyball team “The environment is very positive and friendly. I have a bond with each of the girls on my team, and even when I walk to practice upset, they never fail to make me leave with a smile”. Lauren isn’t the only one that feels this way. Junior Varsity player Madilyn Sheehan also shares these feelings. In a recent discussion, she talked about her change from a back row to a setter. She also had previous experience with volleyball before making the team. She plans on staying on the team for the upcoming years. She states that “I can’t wait to improve with my fellow teammates through the years and help them grow to become a great volleyball team.”