Financial Aid Night- What You Need to Know!

Christine Pietkiewicz, Reporter

In the depths of college application season, it is easy to get overwhelmed and lost in all of the to-dos piled up before you. One of the most essential topics when applying for college is financial aid. Whether you are well versed in the world of federal student loans, private school loans, and FAFSA application requirements, or you are completely new to these ideas, attending North Providence High School’s annual Financial Aid night is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge. 

This Thursday, October 6th, at 6 pm, a representative from the College Planning Center of Rhode Island will be hosting an informational meeting in the school auditorium. They will discuss the basics of financial aid and the FAFSA, answer any questions you or your family may have, and offer to schedule private personal appointments free of charge. Financial aid is essential for anyone intending to attend a post-secondary educational institution or further their education after high school. A parent is asked to attend the event with the student, and if you are unable to attend the meeting but are still interested in the College Planning Center of RI, you can reach out at [email protected] or (401) 739- 3170. 

Guidance counselor Mr. Paone comments, “Financial aid night is important because whether or not a student is going to trade school, a two-year school, or four-year school, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) process is the best way to gain grants, loans, work-study, and without FAFSA completion, students miss out on those opportunities.”