Seeking an Apprenticeship or Internship? Here’s What you Need to Know

Jeevika Thazhaiselvam, Assistant Features Editor

Do you want to acquire skills or training for a specific job? Maybe you want to boost your college applications? It might be just the time to look into jobs, apprenticeships, or internships. At North Providence High School, Mr. Curtis, the school to career coordinator helps students find jobs that best suit their interests. He says, “Activities outside of school look great on a college resume and help build crucial skills needed for future jobs. While students usually intern for about a week or two, I strongly suggest that students stick with it because such exposure can help when getting a reference or networking for their future careers”. Businesses around North Providence that have worked with Mr. Curtis include Fatima hospital, CVS, Citizens Bank, and all the fast-food restaurants down Mineral Spring Avenue. He has also worked with URI, RIC, and Brown University where students from NPHS have received prestigious opportunities. Mr. Curtis guarantees that he can find mentors and/ jobs in any industry that students wish to pursue. However, he does add that some fields are more competitive than others. Internships/ apprenticeships in the medical field are prevalent but difficult to get into. Some fields like video game designing are less popular in Rhode Island, therefore, there might not be as many openings. In any job, students are expected to demonstrate good organizational and communication skills. If students aren’t confident with this criteria, they are free to contact Mr. Curtis for help, vocational training, or any other questions. 


Contact Information: James Curtis

[email protected]

(NPHS School to Career Coordinator)