Fun Things To Do If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

Paula Zhuang, Co-Managing Editor

One of the year’s most anticipated holidays is almost here: Valentine’s Day. For those with a significant other, the day is usually one of happiness and enjoyment, of receiving gifts and going out to dinner.

But what about those of us who do not have someone to share it with?

Statistically speaking, most high school students are not in a relationship at any given moment, and NPHS is not an exception. But that does not mean you have to sit back and gorge on self-pity chocolates while others enjoy the holiday. Here are some good ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a single person and avoid the all-too-familiar blues!

  1. Treat yourself to a date. Instead of projecting your love outward like so many couples on this special day, fold it inward. Get your nails done, go to a spa, see a movie at Providence Place’s IMAX theater, or treat yourself to a fancy homemade dinner and your favorite movie. Self-love may be even rarer than romantic love, and it would do everyone good to cultivate it! You deserve it.

    Girl watching television. (Bermix Studio)
  2. Do something outdoors! Nature is proven to increase contentment. Take your dog for an extra-long walk in Stephen Olney Park, go for a light run, or simply sit outside and read. Don’t forget sunscreen—the sun exists year-round.

    Girl running. (Andrew Tanglao)
  3. Plan something with your single friends and/or family members. Bake a cake together, host a small party, or play a board game. Don’t be afraid to bring chocolates and cards!

    Friends hanging out. (Matheus G.O.)
  4. Binge-watch a television show, whether it’s The Office or Euphoria. Getting lost in someone else’s story can bring your attention away from your own.

    Remote in front of TV. (Glenn Carstens Peters)
  5. Hand-make Valentine’s Day cards for your friends—let them know how much you appreciate them! There are plenty of wonderful tutorials online to beautify these projects. For an extra, whimsical touch, create them according to a theme, like history or pop culture.

    Paper heart. (Salman Hossain Saif)

And if all else fails, a trip to Dunkin’ is sure to lift your spirits. Enjoy your day, single or not!