New Lunch Tables at NPHS

Darrien Giuliano

This week, many were shocked to see a new setup in the school’s cafeteria. The lunchroom now has brand new tables and stools. Yet many students are not pleased with the change in cafeteria seating.

Many concerns have arisen about such close seating when Covid-19 is still a problem, especially in schools. These new seats leave very little distance between each other, especially now that all grades are spending lunch in the cafeteria.

Another concern that has been mentioned is accessibility. These seats are not made for students of all sizes. Many of the larger students are struggling to sit comfortably during lunch.

One student decided to try to make a change. Sophomore Miguel Berrios created an online petition in objection to the new cafeteria seating. When asked about why he decided to create this petition, Berrios said, “As students at this school, we should have more of a say in what happens, and this petition will prove that.” In just two days: that petition received 200 signatures and multiple comments from students expressing their disappointment in the setup. Now that the school officials are aware of students’ distaste for the new cafeteria, change has been promised.