Can NPHS Have a Christmas Tree?


Jeevika Thazhaiselvam , Features Editor

Students have long wondered why North Providence High School doesn’t sport a huge Christmas tree to uplift the holiday spirit. Teachers have been allowed to adorn their rooms with festive decorations and trees. It raised the question of where is that line between secularism and the acceptable level of festivity in classrooms. Principal of NPHS, Mrs. Magill gave us the answer. She says, “as a property of a town that practices the separation of church and state, NPHS is obliged to do the same”. If the school promotes a Christian holiday, the same must be done for other religious holidays and that would be unfeasible. Therefore, the community believes that it is best if religion be kept out of the school premises. As for the trees in classrooms, they are claimed to be “holiday trees” or “giving trees”. They do not include the nativity scene or other religious elements. They are kept in hopes of spreading goodwill and cheer. They are merely a symbol of goodness and do not carry a religious connotation. So, to answer the question, can NPHS ever have a Christmas tree? No. the high school hopes to stay harmonious and recognize the diverse groups that live in this community. Spreading joy and being kind this season are good ways to uplift the holiday spirit while also adhereing to the school’s policies.