Interesting Facts About Teachers!

Darrien Guiliano

Mr. Olivo skilled in Brazilian Juzu and fought vikings in Iceland this past summer

Before Mrs Gelinas became a teacher she wanted to work in film and television. She was even featured on a full episode of Roadside Stories in 2009. The show followed Mrs Gelinas while she was creating a documentary about her hockey team.

Mrs. Hilton was a licensed travel agent who visited 12 countries!

Ms. Rodrigues rehabilitated and released seals and sea turtles back to the ocean.

Mrs. Ryan was on MTV’s High School Stories: Pranks, Scandals, and Controversies

Ms Bedard was the captain of the cheerleaders at North Providence High School.

Ms Usenia won National Little Miss when she was five years old.

Ms Kelly performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.