Jake Gyllenhaal: Canceled?

Sadie Evans , Reporter

Within the past week, Taylor Swift has finally released the very anticipated re-recording of her album, “Red” (Taylor’s Version), to platforms everywhere. The new album features a ten-minute extended version of “All Too Well,” a song the artist wrote eleven years ago but now has extended it to its full, original length. The song, and most of the album itself, highlights the toxic and heartbreaking relationship she had with Jake Gyllenhaal, an actor she dated for three months in late 2010. Though this was not an extensive relationship, it’s clear their bond was unlike anything Swift had ever experienced, especially considering she was only 20 years old. Rising and making her mark on the music industry, she had no idea how Gyllenhaal, at the time age 29, would shatter her heart and the hearts of fans all over the world. 

Along with her new re-recording, Taylor also dazzled her fans, or “Swifties,” with a short film she created, starring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink. The title of the film, “All Too Well,” as you can imagine, goes along with her ten-minute smash hit and emphasizes her short but impactful romance with Gyllenhaal. The actors did a marvelous job capturing the manipulation and blindness Swift experienced. According to the song, Gyllenhaal broke up with Taylor suddenly, claiming the age gap was too much for him, while simultaneously never returning the scarf she left at his house months before and never showing up to her 21st birthday party. The re-release has caused a surge of angry fans, flooding Gyllenhaal’s social media comments and feed with red scarf emojis and lyrics of the song, making sure he does not forget what he did eleven years ago. As of the past week, Jake Gyllenhaal is without a doubt what Gen Z refers to as “canceled,” and he is considered a symbol of heartbreak and abandonment amongst the late teens and early millennials. Though he has been radio silent since the album dropped, we can only wonder if Gyllenhaal will publicly respond to his ex’s continuous musical success or make any attempts he may make to defend his name. But until then, the question remains: is Jake Gyllenhaal the selfish monster society is making him out to be or is there perhaps another side to his and Taylor Swift’s love story… one that we, as fans, may never know?