Top 10 Pop-Culture Inspired Costumes of 2021!

Naeelah Desanges, Entertainment Editor

The air is crisper, pumpkins are front and center, and the spooky season has commenced. With this eventful year, there have been many events, movies, and pop culture moments to inspire our Halloween costumes. Here is a list of the top 10 pop culture Halloween costumes for the year 2021!


Movie/Tv Show Inspired Costumes:

  1. Squid Game Contestant/ Guard 

Netflix’s series Squid Game has taken the world by storm. Its popularity has grown tremendously, and it would not be a surprise if we see a few squid game contestants or even a few guards this Halloween season. 


    2. Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)

Maybe a secret agent is more your style. With the release of the highly anticipated Black Widow movie, it is fair to assume that a plethora of the estranged Romanoff family members will be seen this year. 


   3.Wanda Maximoff/ Vision (Wandavision)

Marvel has released many acclaimed shows this past year, including Wandavision! Dress up as Wanda or Vision from your favorite decade. This pair would make a great couple’s costume. There are so many unique looks to choose from, ranging from the modern day to the 50s. Have fun with this one!


    4. Cruella De Vil (Cruella)

The highly anticipated Cruella De Vil origin story, Cruella, was released this year, providing endless possibilities for costumes this Halloween. Because Cruella becomes a highly esteemed fashion designer in the film, you could easily put your twist on this costume idea. Make it as simple or extravagant as you want. 


  5. Michael Jordan (Space Jam)

Did you love Space Jam: A New Legacy? Well, this is a perfect opportunity to dress up in a colorful basketball uniform! Carrying a basketball around would be highly encouraged. 


  6. The Sanderson Sisters (Hocus Pocus) 

A sequel to a Halloween classic will be reaching the big screen in the near future! What better way to relive the magic of Hocus Pocus than dressing up with your friends as the Sanderson Sisters? You could wear classic dresses or modernize the look. Either way, make it all you own. 


   7. The Mandalorian 

The hit Star War Tv show, The Mandalorian, is back with a season 2! Sci-fi fans but particularly Star Wars fans, will thoroughly enjoy impersonating Din Djarin for a night. Who knows? Maybe you could find someone to be your baby Yoda!  


 Trend Inspired Costumes:

    8. Among Us Characters 

We all remember the craze surrounding the multiplayer game, Among us. It was challenging to find people who had never played. Because this is the first Halloween after the reopening of the Pandemic, it would not be shocking to see friend groups dressing as different color crewmates this Halloween!


   9. Kim Kardashian (Met Gala) 

This year’s Met Gala was like no other. With an abundance of memes and Tik Toks inspired by it, it’s obvious to see potential Halloween costumes all over the event. The one highlighted today is Kim Kardashian’s iconic head-to-toe black ensemble. This costume is relatively easy to DIY, and there are a surprising amount of tutorials online for it as well. 


  10. Bernie Sanders (Inauguration) 

Although many iconic looks were seen and appreciated, none received as much attention as Bernie Sanders’ outfit. Sporting a heavy winter jacket, gloves, and a scarf to fight the January chill, a Bernie Sanders’ inspired costume would be a great way to survive the cold.