The NPHS Free Meal Program


Jeevika Thazhaiselvam , Assistant Features Editor

At North Providence High School, students have been provided free meals since March 2020, thanks to flexibilities provided by the USDA’s National School Lunch Program. This service is expected to continue throughout the school year, until June 2022. The initiative has received many positive feedbacks from students and staff. Consequently, the North Providence Director of Dining Services for public schools, Ms. Humphries believes that it should continue further. She states that, “having meals available at no cost to students helps alleviate the financial strain impacting so many families during these unprecedented times”. Indeed many seem to have benefited from this program esepecially amidst Covid-19. The school breakfasts and lunches are designed to include a balance of whole grains, protein, fruits, and vegetables to ensure that youth are well-nourished throughout the day. Therefore, it is recommended for students to make use of this essential service and spread the word to peers who might not know about this free meal program.