Diversity at NPHS


Triniti Brown, Reporter

Is NPHS’s diverse community strong enough? Like America as a whole, NPHS is a melting pot of different cultures and religions. According to World Population Review, minorities make up almost 20% of North Providence’s population. With such a small percentage, it is important for them to feel supported and like they have a sense of community and belonging.

When asked, What can NPHS do to make our diversity and sense of community stronger?, most students’ replies were similar: more events showing our support to different cultures will strengthen our community. Sierra Lemessy, a senior at NPHS, stated, “I wish there were more events or activities for Black History Month. I think the best I got was a discussion on the Civil Rights Movement in History class.” After more discussion about possible events, Lemessy thinks the school should do a virtual seminar open to anyone who wants to learn more than what is taught in social studies about black history. Additionally, doing an LGBTQ+ seminar during pride month can be a possible option for people who want to learn more about this community. “A seminar like this can bring students from all backgrounds together to learn about something that has shaped society to what it is today,” Lemessy continues.

Although there are always ways to make our community stronger, NPHS has things in place to support our diversity. 

NPHS’s International Club is an important part of our diverse community. They discuss different cultures and even plan events for the school, such as a cultural fashion show where students can dress in their cultural clothing and showcase it or bring in their different cultural foods. There have also been poster board presentations in the library, where students discussed the countries they or their ancestors are from. This provided the opportunity for students to learn about where their peers are from, while also giving them a voice to show their diverse backgrounds. Yacin Diallo, a former member, stated, “It is a safe place for students to express where they come from.”

In addition, NPHS has a Pride Alliance club. Pride Alliance is a club to give our LGBTQ+ community a safe space. This club is not just for LGBTQ+ students but also for allies to show support. It is a huge opportunity to learn about the community.

Clubs are a big part of having a strong community in a school. Therefore, clubs like International Club and Pride Alliance are important. Because clubs give students a sense of belonging, senior Laiba Liaqat has plans to start a new club. “My goal with the Diversity Club is to create a safe space where people of different backgrounds can talk and share their experiences with racism. I hope we can all come together to learn about different minorities.” A club like this can allow students to learn about different racial issues and possibly create petitions or protests to make changes for the better.

In the end, NPHS has a strong diverse community, but there are always ways to make it stronger!