Vaccine Mandates in P-Tech

Darrien Giuliano

As the school year finally begins, students in the school’s CTE accredited healthcare program have already begun their college and certification courses. With the majority of healthcare workers vaccinated, what does this mean for P-tech students working directly with those workers? 

All P-tech students are required to follow the personal protocols of the programs they are participating in. So students attempting to gain their CNA or EMT certification are required to be vaccinated. 

For P-tech students taking classes at CCRI they are required to be vaccinated or tested upon arrival in the building. 

One P-tech sophomore enrolled in fall classes had this to say about topic of mandates “I am extremely concerned about the delta variant, so I for one am relieved about the college’s mandates” 

Another sophomore expressed a conflicting opinion. “They (vaccinations) shouldn’t be mandated, it should be a personal choice”

This student in particular was unable to attend their desired CCRI courses due to their vaccination status.

When asked about the vaccine mandates for student’s working with industry partners, Director of Multiple Pathways Ms Caffrey had this to say about the subject “Vaccination is a choice and we respect that choice. However, we must follow the industry’s protocols.”