NPHS Presents- Senior Projects From the Special Ed Students 2021!


Jeevika Thazhaiselvam , Assistant Features Editor

It hasn’t been long since the seniors were relieved of the stress of their senior projects. They are extremely time consuming and they challenge students’ ability to demonstrate their knowledge in an experimental way. However, have you ever wondered what the senior project looks like for students with special needs? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

At North Providence High School, the special ed seniors are required to meet the graduation expectations and complete their senior project, just like any regular ed student. However, their rubric is a little modified to suit their capabilities and needs. They typically do the project on a career that interests them and decide if it is suitable for them. They ask themselves questions like, “Would I like to work night shifts?”, and “Would I like to work with a team or do I prefer working alone?”. After gathering their content, the students spend an ample amount of time practicing formal etiquette and presentation skills.

“We saw some really amazing presentations this year”, says Ms. Plouffe, a special ed instructor at NPHS. There is no doubt that the wonderful special ed teachers at our school played a significant role in the success of their students. All the teachers share a common goal that they want to see their students succeed, not just in academics, but also beyond school. “We prepare them for the real world”, said one of the instructors and that’s exactly what they did, and continue to do! 


Attached are some pictures of our high school seniors showcasing their work!