My Farewell to the Cougar Courier

Farewell From a Managing Editor

Ahmad Almuhtaseb, Managing Editor

With how hectic everything’s been about the school year from start to finish, I almost completely forgot that I’d be taking my leave as a senior up until the moment I had to start writing my goodbyes. Now that I’m here putting my farewell into words, I find myself not being able to say much before “thank you” to both the staff members that have been here since my start, and the newcomers I had the pleasure of meeting this year! Not only was the experience of getting to write whatever was on my mind engaging in its own right, but being surrounded by such a supportive staff did quite a lot to add to my appreciation of my involvement throughout the past few years!

Right off the bat, I would like to give a HUGE thank you to our coordinator Mr. Gianfrancesco, who’s always had confidence in my work and participation in the school paper since my freshman year (for some reason…), along with my good friend and our editor-in-chief, Aidan Iacobucci, who I own my fair share of “IOU”‘s to since the first few articles him and I ever put out! Overall, it’s been an honor getting to work as our group’s managing editor. Seeing the influx of collaboration and participation from many of our new members this year, I hold great confidence in them carrying the school paper further to success, most notably thanks to our upcoming editor-in-chief Sam Loranger, and the equally qualified administrative editors Owen Landry and Paula Zhang. Thank you all so much for a fantastic four years, and I hope the spirit of the Cougar Courier will continue to carry on!