Help End Organ Transplant Discrimination Against People With Disabilities!

Jeevika Thazhaiselvam, Assistant Features Editor

In the United States, studies show that people with neurodevelopmental diseases are denied organ transplants. It is an unethical practice to deny such health-related needs, discriminating solely because of a person’s disability. Federal Laws such as the “Americans With Disabilities Act” and “The Charlotte Woodward Organ Transplanataion Discrimination Prevention Act” were enacted to end this discriminatory practice. However, the denial of organ transplants happens to this day in all 50 states. It is time for state governments to take the necessary actions. 


In Rhode Island, you can help by supporting SB 246, which will prevent further discrimination of organ transplants for individuals with Down syndrome (a genetic disorder). It is named “Isaac’s Law” after a student at NPHS, named Issac Upegui. For more information, click here! You can also tell the RI legislators to support this bill and follow up on the details through this link.