Construction of a New Animal Shelter in North Providence

Christine Pietkiewicz, Journalist

The push for a new animal shelter in North Providence has been persistent for the last few years. North Providence citizens have been advocating for the shelter to be remodeled or completely renovated due to the size and resources of the facility being insufficient for the animals.

According to volunteers, the shelter does not even adhere to the regulations and guidelines put in place. Finally, after years of urge, mayor Lombardi has promised the construction of the facility to begin within the next few weeks. He claims it will be 6,000 square feet, state of the art, and address all of the needs of a shelter. Compared to the small, 6 dog cages and 12 cat cages that the shelter currently has, this will be a great improvement and hopefully will attract more adopters. The construction is set to only take 6 months to complete, and we can’t wait!