Poetry: Heroes of Time


Meghan Witt, Sophomore at NPHS

When imagining the great heroes of time

I picture them looking down from the sky


In the sun I see the brightest minds

Einstein, Newton, and Galilei are shining bright

Inspiring others with their brilliant minds


In the wind I see those differing minds

The ones who did not fear to speak the truth

Those who shook and rattled the world with their words


When it rains I remember the bravest souls

The ones whose courage overcame all

And as those darts of water shatter down 

I try to capture a few so that I might absorb a little bit of that strength


And in the stars at night I see those who gave their lives

The ones who fought for freedom, justice, and equality

So that the future would be tranquil


So when I look up to that sky

I try to think of those people in time

And learn from them

The importance of  intelligence, bravery, and sacrifice