Poetry: The Deep Blue Yonder


Jeevika Thazhaiselvam , Sophomore at NPHS

I looked up at the deep blue yonder,

Like an endless ocean filled with stars.

Each a fiery ball of fire, yet just a glint in the night sky.

Even the biggest masses are reduced to dots.

The deep blue ocean envelopes it all.


Merely a drop of this ocean is thy life and mine.

How immense we deem it, yet how little in time.

The woes and foes as huge as they seem,

Are but dots in the realm outside this dream,

This dream that we call “life”.


I looked up at the deep blue yonder,

Filled with millions of luminous orbs.

Each a fiery ball of fire, but not for long.

Even the brightest star must burn out one day.

With grace, it must succumb from the race.

For it is just a floating chunk in space.


Life is just as short as it is small.

The mirth is just as short lived as misery.

Spend not your time dwelling in anguish,

But in embracing the joyous hours.

Very soon, he who hears his last beat,

Will awaken from the dream.


He’ll not look up at the deep blue yonder.

He’ll become it…