Poetry: The Stepping Stones of Life


Priyanssi Behera, Sophomore at NPHS

Hopping on the first rock,

She knows nothing and has no thoughts,

Resting and awaiting Mother Nature’s guidance to keep her awake, 

She blinks her eyes and babbles, marveled by the bright lights and lustrous items,

The initial stage is over,

And the water gushes over the stones,

In a continuous stream


She wobbles to the second rock,

After crossing the innumerable small stones to get to the larger one,

It trembles upon her presence,

Although she spent years in the same location,

Her eyes were utterly unaware of the surroundings,

Unchartered waters surround her and she is hesitant of the correct path,

Failing to recognize herself,

A gush of wind propels her in the right direction, 

Her stern eyes drive her in a circle around the same stone,

Confused as she was, her goal was to reach the other side of the river,

Her legs sore and her mind frazzled,

A steady voice roared from within her, paving the way


Reaching the third stone,

The cracks became more apparent, 

Though the path was clear, her vision remained blurred, 

Using the calm sound of the water,

Her eyes opened to a traced trail,

United with the calm chirping of birds and crisp, cool air,

She no longer felt companionless,

Repeatedly, she noticed the streaming water going in and out,

As she moved at a stable and secure pace


Limping to the fourth rock,

The withered rock welcomed her presence,

The water flooded around her,

Frail and full of acceptance, 

She glanced at the path behind her with deep satisfaction,

Consolidated by falling leaves,

She rests peacefully at the end of her river,

Hand in hand with Mother Nature