Seniors Fully Return: The Underclassmen Perspective

Naeelah Desanges, Assistant Entertainment Editor

The end of the school year is slowly approaching, and in an attempt to provide this year’s Seniors with a sense of normalcy, they were granted permission to attend in-person learning full time. The majority of graduating class is now in the building, and many in-person underclassmen are thrilled to see their Senior friends. 

According to Talia Coppola, a sophomore at North Providence High, “I think [that the seniors coming back] it’s a good thing because they didn’t get to experience their last year being in high school so hopefully they can make more memories because of their back in person.” When asked about the school’s overall atmosphere, Talia also said, “I think it’s nice that more people are coming back because the school felt empty, and now it feels alive.” Seeing her older friends not only boosted her morale but also motivated her to do even better in school. 

Having the Seniors back in school full time benefited them, the student body as a whole, and the faculty. Hopefully, as the school year continues, our sense of community continues to grow as well, seeing that this year has been like no other.