Cougar Football yes or no?

Nicholas Barbosa , Sports Illustration

I Recently Spoke with NPHS Cougar football coach Mr Glenn Williams. I was surprised with what eh had to say about this upcoming story.


Mr Williams Is a coach for the football team and I interviewed him about the football team as apposed to our recent pandemic.


Mr Williams responded back and answered my questions perfectly.


you cant find what he said below



Mr Williams said that the team has become accustomed to wearing face coverings. He said at times it van be hard to understand each other especially with players having to wear mouth pieces as well. Coach Williams also stated that masks seem to muffle the outdoor environment. Although student athletes are doing a great job of keeping them on and following protocol.


Coach Williams spoke on the perspective of having spectators at the games as well. they are allowing two parent/guardian per student athlete.


Coach Williams also spoke on the time of year the team usually performs their sport. The team usually goes from summer to late fall. This year the team is going in reverse but they haven’t really noticed a difference yet since the warmer weather is yet to happen. The Students haven’t really been affected by the weather other than a couple of cold days. At the beginning it was to cold to go outside so indoor practices were limited but productive. One we were able to go outside it became more normal.