Drama Dept. Resumes In-Person Rehearsals

The NPHS drama department has chosen to resume with in-person rehearsals for the first time since March 2020.

Samuel Loranger, News Editor

The North Providence High School Drama program has resumed its in-person rehearsals for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, last March. The drama dept. announced at the beginning of this month that they would be looking for cast and crew members to participate in the production of “Edges: A Song Cycle.” This song cycle written by Pasek & Paul is about coming to age, and the development of oneself.

After the drama department’s audition process, the cast list was released and the first rehearsal was underway. With COVID-19 still around, the rehearsal looked very different than any other from years past.

Spread across the auditorium, actors sang together with masks on. From onstage, directors played the rehearsal tracks and played singing notes on the keyboard, which was piped through an amplifier so everyone could hear from across the auditorium.

On Facebook, NPHS Drama said, “Today we had our first in-person music rehearsal in over a year! We are grateful for clear and effective Covid guidelines to safely make art together!”

The show, “Edges: A Song Cycle,” is being planned to be streamed online. The dates of the musical are still to be announced.