Cancellation of Midterms 2020-2021


Jeevika Thazhaiselvam , Assistant Features Editor

This school year has been unlike any we’ve ever had in the past. With the different modes of learning, the pandemic, and various other distractions, it has indeed been a difficult time altogether. But even amid the chaos, time flew by and here we are with only two weeks left of the semester. Usually, these last days are the most frantic, with everyone trying to burn the midnight oil and study for the most despised… Midterms. While everyone was worried in the anticipation of the midterms, good news came through an email on January 4th. Principal Magill said that her Leadership team has decided to “forgo midterm examinations for this school year”. She said that this decision has been taken in the best interest of students because everyone has navigated through different modes of education this year. It is not surprising that students of North Providence High School are rejoicing this cancellation but here is what a few had to say:

Freshman Jayden Wingate says, “this year has been stressful enough with the pandemic and virtual learning. I am a little more relieved now that the midterms have been cancelled”. 

Sophomore Destiny Pare claims, “I am definitely happy that we do not have to worry about midterms this year but I also don’t see any point in them. If students are at home, it is extremely easy to cheat and it would’ve been unfair on the students that chose to come to school”.

Sophomore Priyanssi Behera says, “This school year has already drained students both physically and mentally. Adapting to the new system of education and keeping up with assignments has been a tedious task. I think it is fair to give students a chance to breathe again”. 

While many have reported similar answers, a few are concerned about what is going to happen on exam week. Usually, the last week of the semester is a half-day week. However, if there are no midterms, are we still going to have a half-day week? This question has been raised by both teachers and students. After all, who wouldn’t like half days? We have tried reaching out to Principal Magill for answers but she hasn’t responded yet. Don’t forget to check back in for future updates!