New Streaming Service Comes To Forefront Of Entertainment: Peacock

New streaming service, Peacock, offers a wide variety of content for no cost, making it perfect for entertainment seeking students.


Samuel Loranger, News Editor

NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock, has gained some traction this week as they add more and more shows and movies for mostly no cost at all. Peacock is overall free, with some shows that cost money to view. On January 1st, NBC removed their beloved show, The Office, starring Steve Carrell, Jenna Fischer, and John Krasinski, from Netflix and added it to Peacock. Similar actions occurred with the “Chicago” series, “Parks and Recreation,” and plenty more.

The new streaming service may give viewers free access to a wide variety of content, but it comes with the price of watching ads. Streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu are different in that they remove ads if you pay for the selected ad free plan.

Peacock also is not supported by streaming media sticks like the Amazon Fire Stick and the Roku Stick which allow users to access their selection of streaming services on a TV or device that wouldn’t otherwise have that capability. While NBC is working to fix this problem, many sources say it won’t be happening for a while.

Overall, Peacock is just what one may expect from a streaming service that prides itself on having a wide selection of free content. NBC plans to add more shows and movies in the coming months.