The Pandemic From The Eyes of Two Freshmen

Nadira M. & Zoe S., Journalist

If you told us three months prior to the pandemic that we would be wearing surgeon masks as a daily accessory, we would’ve called you crazy. No one saw this coming. 

On March 13th of 2020, Governor Raimondo announced schools would be taking their April vacation early. Hopes were to be back in school in the next two weeks. Two weeks became four, and four became eight. Months go by, and finally June comes around and we find ourselves watching virtual graduations for the class of 2020.

Fortunately, NPHS has opened back up, after a long eight months of isolation. As sophomores, we can say we enjoyed a year of the new beginnings of being a high school freshman. COVID-19 has hindered our ability to take part in events that are part of our traditional experience; these are events such as Winter Ball, Annual pep rallies, Homecoming, and even Prom.

Along with these events, so many more typical high school experiences have been cut out because of the virus and how we must practice social distancing. This year’s times are hard, frustrating, and confusing for everyone. It’s affecting many teens’ mental health with isolation. Being a freshman already had existing challenges, and we cannot begin to imagine what it’s like for the new freshmen class. Being sophomores, we can at the least say we had a chance to live the life of freshmen for a majority of the year. The freshmen this year are either starting the year off virtually, or in person on a hybrid model. 

We ask a few freshmen: Is high school what you expected it to be and how do you feel just starting? 

Most of them answered something close to the following: “I am struggling with procrastination. My sleep schedule is really suffering, and laziness is an ongoing battle due to my lack of self discipline.” All in all, this year has effected many people in overall negative ways. High schoolers are losing the experiences that only happen once. Lets just hope this pandemic comes to an end soon.