‘Positions’ by Ariana Grande: A Critical Review

Christiana Smith, Reporter

On October 30, 2020, actress, singer-songwriter, former broadway star, and pop princess Ariana Grande-Butera blessed the ears of millions all around the world by releasing her immaculate, extraordinary, breathtaking 6th studio album entitled, Positions. After nearly 2 years since her previous album thank u, next was released, Ariana Grande’s succeeding album is finally here. As someone who has been a huge fan of Ariana Grande since her days on the hit Nickelodeon show, Victorious this album takes different sounds and themes from all her previous albums and puts them all together in this masterpiece. 

The song, My Hair is a beautiful song where Ariana talks about the most significant part of her look, her hair. The song has a 50’s R&B and doo-wop sound This sound is very comparable to her earlier songs on her first album, Yours Truly because that album had a lot of songs with 50’s sounds like Honeymoon Avenue and Tattooed Heart. 

In the song, Westside Ariana talks about falling in love and meeting up with the person she loves. This song is an R&B song with hip hop influence, the R&B and trap sound used on this track sounds amazing along with Ariana’s vocals on top of the beat. This sound that was used is kind of like the sounds of the songs from her previous album, thank u, next, such as In My Head and Fake Smile.

In the song, Love Language is an upbeat jazz song. Although jazz is not a sound Ariana uses all the time, each time she does it outstandingly. This sound kind of brings back memories of the song Jason’s Song (Gave it Away) off her third album, Dangerous Woman