Autumn Activities To Try Amist Pandemic


Naeelah Desanges, Reporter

Living amidst a pandemic is no easy feat. The world around us begins to turn different shades of scarlet and fire orange, and the list of activities that we can no longer do seems to grow longer. With all things considered, here are a few safe activities to try during this unprecedented fall season.   

  1. Outdoor Entertainment 

The outdoors are stunning this time of year! Try going on a family hike in Lincoln woods or Ken Weber in Greenville, Rhode Island. If staying closer to home is more enticing, backyard camping and a bonfire is always a great way to make memories.  

      2. Supporting Local Businesses

This year has been burdensome for everyone, including local farms and businesses. You can offer your support while indulging in various fall treats such as candy apples at Jaswell’s Farm or buying locally sourced foods at the Confreda Farms Farmers Market. 

     3.Baking with Seasonal Delicacies 

With more time spent indoors, attempting to bake a few fall favorites is a great way to spend time with family and send sweet aromas throughout your home. Perfecting an apple pie will be a remarkable accomplishment everyone will enjoy! 

Picture edited by Leandhy Williams; Taken by Naeelah Desanges

Although we are all adapting to the repercussions of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the autumn season can still be a source of enjoyment if we continue to follow the CDC’s Guidelines.