What Will Be Our New ‘Normal’?

During all of this madness, the future is unpredictable. But, something we can predict is an inevitable change in the way we live our everyday life. Although we have to expect the unexpected at this point, there are some changes that we may be incorporating into our daily routines in the near future.

It is assumed that when our guidelines for staying at home become less strict, large gatherings will continue to be limited. These gatherings will likely be limited to less than 50 people in one area, which will make it impossible to hold events such as weddings, sports events, or concerts.

Traveling after quarantine may be difficult. It is likely that public transport will remain tightly restricted as well. While traveling may be allowed in certain circumstances, the main goal is to get outbreaks under control, and prevent them from occurring again.

As for businesses, it is assumed that they will continue to slowly and safely reopen. As more guidelines get put out, businesses will adjust the ways they run to meet the safety of their customers and employees. Bars, restaurants, and shopping malls will hopefully be able to partially open at some point soon.

It is still unclear what schools will be like if they continue to reopen in the fall. If they happen to reopen, the way they run will be radically different than before. There are some ideas as to how schools will change their environments, such as smaller class sizes, fewer people on busses, and shifts to our academic calendar. Students can expect changes in daily schedules, and possible daily temperature checks.

With all of these changes interrupting our lives, it can become overwhelming. In the midst of this uncertainty, one thing we can count on is each other. Everyone is going through this together, so make sure to reach out to others if you find yourself stressing. It is important to not stress over what you cannot control, because no matter what happens, we will learn to adapt.